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What’s stopping you from elevating YOUR life?

At Access to Freedom, we team up with only premier home lift manufacturers so that we can offer you the best makes and models for your home. We stand by our products and our customer service speaks for itself.

Once considered only a feature for the rich and famous, home elevators are now more common (and more affordable) than ever. Home elevators are much more than just a luxury. These lifts provide safe, convenient access to all levels of your home and are practical for people of all ages and ranges of mobility. Today’s versatile, cost-effective models bring more joy and convenience to your life.

With developing technology, allowing for smaller footprints and advanced features, we can install our lifts almost anywhere to suit your lifestyle. The variety of designs available blend beautifully into your home and can increase your home's value. Our lifts make your everyday tasks effortless. So you can use your new lift to move yourself, your pets, or heavy items from one floor to another with ease.

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Founded in 1999, Access to Freedom has assisted thousands of people in Southern California to completely access and enjoy their entire home. We’re the trusted local experts, with offices in Irvine and Vista, California.

Our main focus is you. And as a family-owned and family-run company, we put the highest importance on your health and happiness. Our goal is to take care of you like good friends: by offering only the highest standard in home lifts available and personally installing and servicing every single one.

When you choose Access To Freedom, you can rest assured that we will meet your needs of quality, safety, comfort, and style. Access to Freedom is one of the very first companies to offer home lifts in the U.S. and we’ve installed far more than any of our competitors. Our experience and expertise is the foundation of our success. We are able to confidently offer affordable prices, clean and proficient installation, and unbeatable maintenance and customer service.

The Better Business Bureau has given us an A+ rating based on our high standards and commitment to our customers. We are fully licensed by the state of California and stay with you for the life of your lift. Do you need service? We GUARANTEE a response within 24 hours. Or come to one of our showrooms and try before you buy. We are conveniently located in Vista and Irvine, CA.

When it Comes to Mobility, One Size Does Not Fit All

At Access to Freedom we understand that when it comes to your mobility, One Size Does Not Fit All. That is why we have a variety of solutions that we can tailor to your specific situations. We offer everything from simple stairlifts to our very popular home lifts to a full residential elevator. We even have a solution for outdoors for those situations where taking up any interior space is not feasible. Feel free to give us a call and we would be happy to discuss your situation and offer advice and information specific to you and your home.

Types of Home Lifts
Wessex VE Home Lift

The super smooth and quiet Wessex VE home lift comes in four different sizes to suit your space and needs.

Features Include:

  • Highly capable and wheelchair-friendly
  • Hydraulic power for smooth and quiet operation
  • Rated for 551 pounds
  • No pit or bearing wall needed
  • Automatic door available
  • ASME 17.1 code compliant
Wessex Elesse

The Elesse is Wessex’s newest home lift model made specifically for the U.S. market.

Features Include:

  • Small 3’ x 3’ footprint
  • Stylish design, with choice of colors and flooring
  • Rated for 551 pounds
  • High-end automatic door opener
  • High-end backlit controls inside cab
  • Remote controls are standard
Stiltz Duo Alta

Stiltz’s Duo model comes in four trim levels to meet your budget and style: the original Classic, double-entry Thru Car, clear acrylic Vista, and new Alta.

Features Include:

  • Small, compact size fits almost anywhere
  • Holds up to two people
  • Rated for 385 pounds
  • Stylish shape for contemporary look and corner placement
  • Top and bottom safety sensors
  • Speed and overload sensors
  • ASME 17.7 code compliant (Alta model)
Stiltz Trio Alta Lift

The Stiltz Trio comes in three trim levels to meet your budget and style: the original Classic, double-entry Thru Car, and new Alta.

Features Include:

  • Larger cab
  • Holds up to three people
  • Rated for 475 pounds
  • Wheelchair-friendly
  • Wider door, ramped threshold entry
  • Top and bottom safety sensors
  • Speed and overload sensors
  • ASME 17.7 code compliant (Alta model)
What makes us different?
Our Home Lift Brands

At Access to Freedom, we take pride in partnering with only the best home lift brands on the market. This enables us to offer not only top quality lifts, but also the right model for your specific elevator needs.

Well-known residential elevator maker Stiltz was first to enter the U.S. home lift market—and selected Access to Freedom as one of its first dealers. Innovative and highly reputable, Stiltz has been a steady leader in the field ever since. Its quiet, easy-to-fit home lifts are always in demand.

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Privately owned U.K. elevator designer and manufacturer Wessex Lift Company has been making home lifts for over 40 years. With great design and an eye for detail, Wessex offers incredible style and quality. Their lifts are U.S. code compliant and come in larger sizes to accommodate wheelchairs and heavy items.

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